As a loyal patron of the once-prestigious Bloomingdale's Fur Vault, your pursuit for an equally refined sanctuary to satisfy your unique fur cravings might have been relentless. The unexpected shutdown of Bloomingdale's Fur Vault in 2020 could have left you feeling deserted. But despair not! We present Maximilian®, an elite fur brand destined to propel your fur journey to unparalleled zeniths!

Maximilian® – The Quintessential Luxury Fur Substitute

Bloomingdale's Fur Vault was a byword for opulent fur coats, jackets, and accessories over many epochs. Its abrupt termination created a chasm that many perceived as challenging to replenish. Presently, Maximilian® ushers in a smooth transition and a haven for previous Bloomingdale's Fur Vault customers.

Exclusively committed to premium fur merchandise, Maximilian® prudently assembles a vast collection of products, specifically designed for the unique palate of former Bloomingdale's patrons. Whether your heart desires a classic mink coat or a voguish fox fur jacket, Maximilian® is geared to not just meet, but transcend your anticipations.

Bespoke Services and Extraordinary Quality at Maximilian®

Maximilian® transcends mere product assortment by providing a remarkably personalized service experience. Their erudite team is primed to accompany you on your journey to select the perfect fur coat or accessory. This personalized touch expands to fur storage, cleaning, and repair services, assuring that your plush investment endures in its glory for the long haul.

An Exclusive Invitation to Former Bloomingdale's Fur Vault Patrons

Venturing into a new brand may seem intimidating. Maximilian® understands your concerns and to alleviate your shift, they extend a special offer for ex-Bloomingdale's customers. Avail a 10% discount on your maiden Maximilian® purchase, affording you a priceless chance to experience their incomparable products and services.

Maximilian® - Your Ethical and Eco-conscious Luxury Fur Brand

Maximilian® is fervently dedicated to not just quality, but also to ethical sourcing and environmental conscientiousness. Collaborating only with suppliers who mirror their ethos, they guarantee each fur product sold is responsibly procured and adheres to their strict quality control criteria.

A Pressure-free Shopping Journey

Maximilian® recognizes the weight of investing in a luxury fur piece. Hence, they foster a relaxed shopping atmosphere where patrons can unhurriedly discover their ideal choice.

Whether you're questing for a majestic fur coat for a lavish event or a sleek jacket for an evening rendezvous, Maximilian® has you catered for. Their comprehensive repertoire ranges from full-length mink coats to fashionable fur vests and all that lies in between.

Maximilian® - A Gathering Place for Fur Aficionados

In essence, Maximilian® is far more than just another brand. It's a destination that truly resonates with its customers. They've warmly welcomed former Bloomingdale's Fur Vault patrons, pledging to provide the identical standard of quality and service they've come to adore.

So, if your quest is for high-end fur pieces, let Maximilian® be your initial port of call. Experience firsthand why they're swiftly gaining worldwide favor among fur lovers. Delve into the opulent collection of superlative furs at Maximilian® by exploring their website. For additional information, feel free to reach out at or engage with them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.